Solar Car to Lethbridge

Today a group of us are driving down to Lethbridge to have our car in the Whoop Up days parade in Lethbridge tomorrow. Sounds like it’s gonna be a blast. I’ll be driving Soleon, which is always a thrill. With a touch of fortune, I’ll manage to post some pictures of the trip here when […]

In to the meat grinder

Well, in a few hours I write my physics 259 (electricity & magnetism for engineers).. Despite genuine efforts, I feel that this won’t be a “fun” experience by any stretch.

I suppose I had better get back to my last minute cramming.


Damned Samba

Well, my progress has been stopped in its tracks for the evening. I can’t seem to get my server to let me write files to it in the manner that I prefer. After many hours of checking and rechecking, I’ve made no progress. Bothers me that I’ve setup a ton of these before and never […]

Yet another new website

As I work away trying to get this new web server of mine to work just the way I like, I find I keep having to rebuild this website.. So, with some luck, this will be the last rebuild and away things will go!