The Spartan versus the Samurai

Throughout the ages there have been multiple eras through which particular societies have totally dominated the world in a military regard. Reflecting upon some of the famous warriors throughout these times, I wonder who would emerge the ultimate victor.
Consider the case of a Spartan versus and Samurai.. The Samurai would be equipped with fairly light equipment and insanely sharp weapons whereas the Spartan would be beefed up with uber-armour, which would certainly weigh nearly a ton. The question I pose to you all is who do you think would win in the ultimate showdown?
Personally, knowing nothing too detailed about both, I’m inclined to support the Samurai camp due to their high mobility.

Wow 14 day trial disc!

So I was chillin at London Drugs, picking up some random cable when I noticed a little DVD package for sale for $2. I simply had to get one. It’s a World of Warcraft Trial DVD. As such, it must contain all the game files needed, which makes the $2 worth it (they actually gave it to me for free). See, those of us who play this game find that an installation of it kinda sucks. This is due to the multiple CDs needed to provide the ~6gb of content that needs to be installed. Well, anyway, I figure this will come in handy for my “Warcrack” pushing hobby.

The point here is go get one if you’re a Warcraft addict.

Awesome weekend upcoming

As I sit here at work, waiting for this lame thing to update I find myself looking forward to the upcoming weekend. A pack of us are headed out to Sunshine for a little ski trip and it’s bound to be a glorious time. I can’t say I know this group all too well, but given that the night before we head out we’re having an intense poker battle, I figure some seriously awesome times are in store.

But for now.. I sit here waiting for this update. lol

Photos Photos Photos!

Howdy gang.. Well, I’ve FINALLY got a pretty decent photo gallery setup now!

It’s been a long time coming too! At this point I’ve only got ~30pictures in there, so I’ll have to add more, but that’ll happen pretty rapidly.

For those who are interested, I’ve found a tool that lets me integrate photos I store on Flickr in to my website here! Sweet!

Go here to see the pictures.