The Spartan versus the Samurai

Throughout the ages there have been multiple eras through which particular societies have totally dominated the world in a military regard. Reflecting upon some of the famous warriors throughout these times, I wonder who would emerge the ultimate victor.
Consider the case of a Spartan versus and Samurai.. The Samurai would be equipped with fairly light equipment and insanely sharp weapons whereas the Spartan would be beefed up with uber-armour, which would certainly weigh nearly a ton. The question I pose to you all is who do you think would win in the ultimate showdown?
Personally, knowing nothing too detailed about both, I’m inclined to support the Samurai camp due to their high mobility.

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  1. The soldiers of Sparta were called Hoplites.

    from wikipedia:
    “A hoplite typically had a breastplate, a bronze helmet with cheekplates, as well as greaves and other armor, plus a bowl-shaped wooden shield called an aspis which was around 1 metre across. The primary weapon was a spear around 2.7 metres in length. As this frequently broke upon charging, Hoplites also carried a smaller 60 cm thrusting, close combat sword called a xiphos.”
    These guys were around from about 10th century BC until the 3rd century BC.

    Samurai swords can cut through steel. I’m pretty sure they could rip through these guys like they weren’t even there. Samurais existed until the 1800s, and wore chain armor to protect from things like arrows and spears.

    Samurais would wtfpwn Hoplites in 1v1 and 500v500

  2. samurai were great warriors, however they fought with no formation or tactics whereas the spartans fought in a phalanx. 1 on 1 i might give the edge to the samurai but something like 500 vs 500 the spartans would wipe out the samurai no questions asked. Just ask the persians when they had hundreds of thousands of troops and the spartans had a mere 300 in the battle of thermopylae.

  3. Spartans!!! all the way man!!! the samurai would get wore out after so many blow to a spartan shield…then let nature take its course And BAM!!! no more JAPS!! ahem i mean samurai. speacialy in a huge scale battle, no comp there my friend.


  5. i respect both acient worriors i cannot say who would win they both have there own combat styles there would be no victor

  6. i think the only way to find out is testing it. but i think it depents of what phalanx will be used and where they fight. i think a macedonian phalanx could be stronger against samureis than a spartan phalanx just because a macedonian phalanx is a spear wall

  7. okay the spartans would win because they fought in the phalanx and yes it could be flanked but the spartans were the masters of the phalanx and could easily reapel a flanking manover there sheolds were not wooden they were a bronze aloy sparta provided weapons and armor for there warrriors not like the rest of greece and they were trained in the arts of war since birth from there parents and then at the age of 7 from the city itself the spartans could easily move in all there armor and there spear was double edged so if broken it became a sword the spartans didnt know pain or fear no retreat or surrender that attitude gave them there success on the battlefield

  8. I Think The Winner is…..
    500 samurai VS. 1000Spartan = Spartan
    1 Samurai Vs. 1 SPartan = Samurai

  9. Soryy.. i wrong…
    Tris is ….the reality..
    I Think The Winner is…..
    1000 samurai VS. 500 Spartan = Spartan
    1 Samurai Vs. 1 SPartan = Samurai

  10. There are way too many factors to be considered before anyone can atually come up with a straight yes or no answer.

  11. The thing is the time periods of these 2 soldiers is far apart. Because the Samurai came up roughly 1000-1500 years after the spartans they had better armor and better weapons because they were more technologicaly advanced. This would be like having the present US military versus the soldiers in the civil or revolutionary war comparitivley. But if you could some how pull them from the diffrent time periods and have them fight the Samurai would most likely win because of its more advanced equipment. On the other hand in a group battle idk who would win. The spartans were very disciplined and work as one big war machine so they would most likely have the advantage in a group. but as i said you are comparing people from 2 diffrent eras that are trained to fight in diffrent kinds of warfair. But as a little bit of an off topic thing the spartans from the halo series, if they existed, would win even if it was 1 of them vs 1000 samurai.

  12. generally, spartans would win. Each spartan soldier was outstandingly strong and they fought with a phalanx system. But there were many super duper great samurai who were more powerful than any other Spartan like miyamoto musashi, sasaki kojiro, and honda tadakatsu. If the 300 Spartans under Leonidas clashes with miyamoto musashi and 2 other samurai I mentioned up there, spartan will still be the winner. But I think they will lose around 150-200 men.

  13. Hey-

    I was just trying to find out why these two very different societies developed such a similar warrior code. Both the Spartan Hoplite and the Samurai woke up every day prepared to die for his belief. This more than military tactic or superior weaponry, made these two warriors far superior to any enemy they faced. The essense of Bushido lived within the Spartan. Why? Is it the isolation of an Island nation? Necessity? Wondering who would beat who is borderline retarded. How about this question. Are we creating modern day hoplites and samurai in the middle east today, with our current policies?

    Thanks for nothing guys.

  14. ok umm if you think about that for a few mintutes it becomes extremely hard to choose. The spartans extreamly strong and are willing to die to protect their homeland as well as the samuri both are raised to kill and both mind sets are that they would rather die in battle than retreat or surrendor. The spartans would be dressed in heavey plated armor so it would weigh alot but good protectoin. The samuri would have lighweight armor with metal sheets and silk which would be pretty easy to slice trough. There are many more facts to who would win but i think if it where 1000 vs 1000 the samuri would deafeat the spartens because of there mindset and how they would never give up and that they are willing and ready to die for their country

  15. the spartan would win he has supirior wepons and,the shield and spear combenation destroyed persia 2,000,000 person army. and i dont think a samuri could do that. so winner 1-1= spartan 1000-1000= spartan i say this because if u watch deadliest warrior on spike, the spartan won hands down. now let me really let my fellings out…… THE SPARTANS ARE THE BEST WARRIORS OF ALL TIME AND NO BODY ELSE HAS A SAY IN IT!!! U ALL KNOW THE SPARTANS WOULD WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok im done
    the spartans win the end

  16. i think the spartans would win because they took down 2,000,000 persians and they had better wepons spartans hope do die in battle.

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