Firefox on the iPhone?

Okay so a few days ago Apple said that they’ll allow third party development for the iPhone (*cheers*).. However given that any third party apps have to exist as a web application I’m wondering how I’m going to run Firefox on my iPhone!? Now, I’m curious about this whole new attempt to make Safari 3 […]

Shrinking an LVM

Okay, so I’m posting how to reduce the size of a LVM non-destructively. I’ve searched a fair bit for an simple guide on doing this and I eventually found some stuff that made me kind of stumble on the solution. I hope this brief guide helps someone save some real time.

I had an […]

Massive Photo Management!

Check out this amazing video of how thousands upon thousands of photos can be manipulated in a very fluid & intuitive way!

PVR-150 for Linux Video Capture

So I picked up a PVR-150 for video capture. Of course this is the classic problem of capturing video from a RCA/VHS source. I’ve got two other video capture cards (ATI TV-Wonder PCI and ASUS TV-7135LP). So far, it looks like the input from the PVR-150 is vastly superior to the others. That said, it’s […]