The Cottage itself is for sale!

Hey friends. My parents are now selling our beloved cottage building to make room for our next cottage. I’ve just posted a link to an ebay posting for the building. I decided to make a posting here on my site just to help the listing’s web presence. The building is located in Windermere, British Columbia. […]

Cheers to Cliff

Back in the fall of 2006 I began a full year course at the University of Calgary – cpsc550. This course is considered a privilege to take as the faculty exposes students in it to some special instructors who really are at the uni to do real work. My offering of the course had two […]

Electronic Notetaking for School and Life

As I prepare for yet another semester of school, I’ve decided it’s time I finally find a method to electronically record my notes. At this point I’m putting a call out there for some help / suggestions on what would do the trick.

As a student there are a few main requirements I have […]