People are silly

Just a thought… What If the $400B spent on that oil-grab party over in Iraq had been invested in space exploration!? Apparently the entire space shuttle program (including all the infrastructure for it) has currently cost just under a total of $150B. I believe a WTF is in order.

I had to get that out. Thank you, that is all for now.

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  1. Apparently the tab is more in the $800B range now…? Seriously.. Would that not completely solve world hunger? Think of how much educating that could do. Honestly, this pisses me off soo much.

  2. Hey man, I saw your post about the WPFORUM…
    and I have the same problem that yours…

    the date appears “1969”
    did you find a solution for that ?
    does have a possibility to sincronyze WP DATE with WPFORUM DATE ?

    since now thanks man !

  3. Hey dude, I haven’t put any extra time in to that, I’m sure I could fix it – just that I’m using this for something @ work and I need to have something to show right away. If the project gets approved for further development, there’s a chance I may find myself contributing a whole lot more to WPFORUM. But if you find something relatively soon, please do let me know!

  4. sure sure ! I’m looking for integration with WP DATE
    if I find I leave you an email 🙂

  5. figured i’d be the first person other than you to post a comment actually about what you wrote 😉

    As an international relations major, i’ve been keeping relatively close tabs on the cost of our little conflict, Iraq, man has she grown. Unfortunately all those wonderful high-tech gadgets used to minimize deaths in car-bombings cost a lot of money, and man wouldn’t it be sweet if we could have redirected that towards international aid, we could probably rebuild an entire african nation 2x over. Unfortunately public opinion of the war–and subsequently the war in Afghanistan–has turned for the worse, based on the premises for actually being there. Strategically speaking I’ve tried to shelve my disbelief in the justifications for the war and focus on the reality of trying to figure out how to actually get Iraq back on track, but now that its cool to hate the War in Iraq, most people are more keen to indulge in the fantasy of just upping and going, sidelining any sentiments surrounding what will happen if they do so. All just contributes to the malaise and frustration of what could have been done, knowing full well you can’t really get out or stop spending money at this point.

    Cheers, Thom

  6. Yeah, I think there’s some wisdom in those words Thom.. I’d agree that the reasons for being there are less important for the moment (though definitely needs to be heavily de-briefed later to prevent similar situations).

    My opinion before the war was that it’s each societies own responsibility to manage their internal affairs. As such, in my opinion if we were to manually modify their government and then just up and leave, there’s nothing stopping things from reverting as the people of the society must be inclined to support the system.

    Now that we’re at the point of discussing “What next?” – I feel there exists a responsibility amongst the countries that went in to Iraq to remain there in some significant form working hard to help the society which exists there to become self-sufficient. Of course, since I’d expect that socieity to not be “ready” to exist under what form of government we feel is best, this should be an astronomical undertaking.

    Since we went in there and stirred it all up, we have the responsibility to not just up and leave the country freshly ravaged.

    That’s my point of view anyway..

  7. good call mate,

    I’m with GWB on this one… Simply because people are opting to up and leave because it’s a) politically sexy to do so now b) not willing to pay the price for an initially unjustified war, anymore

    problem there is exactly as you and I put it… What happens after Americans leave? Some form of government even more hazardous to the West than Saddam was (albeit anyone is because Saddam was harmless to the US in retrospect) that becomes a thorn in the side of the rest of the world for a LONG time. Definitely at this point I’m of the persuasion that whatever type of government Iraqis want that doesn’t pose a threat to others is fair game. That said, I think Iraq is still salvagable if we really move to disable the insurgency movement by offering Sunni Muslims consitutionally protected status and rights, and special minority powers a la the Kurds. Many see a little turn in the Insurgency’s loyalties as Al Qaida begins to indiscriminately attack Sunnis AND Shiites (Al Qaida is Sunni too). Insurgency is primarily a nationalist movement that could be persuaded to lay down arms, and with them out of the way, there’s a faint possibility of Iraq actually becoming a stable country… Maybe. However, we’ll see if GWB ever goes for that, it’s a much too pragmatic approach for the staunchly ideological king of the US. The US seems content to just keep battling an invisible enemy that shows frightening similarities to Vietnam, and we all know how that ended.

    Cheers, Thom

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