The Caris Instrument

In the summer of 2007 I discovered that I could play my niece Caris as an instrument. I must admit I’ve got a lot of practice left before I can play her half as well as I can play a 12lb bass fish against the side of a car. But here you can witness one of my first attempts at mastering this most unusual instrument.

Taunting a Raptor

In a daring display of courage the Jaymus taunts the appetite of his pet Raptor. The consequences of which were nearly gruesome, however a brilliant quick escape ensured the Jaymus’ survival so that he may taunt again in the future!

Videos Section Created

Howdy! Okay I’ve done some updates to the site. I added the new videos page (see link on banner above) that currently has links to a number of youtube videos I’ve posted. In the future, I think I’d like to arrange the videos differently and include links to my favorite videos too. But for the moment, go check out the video page.

I’ve also posted quite a few more pictures in the pictures section: