Awesome CMOS illustration applets found!

So I’ve been dragging my feet, trying to really wrap my brains around how nMOS, pMOS and the ever awesome n&p party called CMOS really get along, when I came across THIS freaking awesome page that really provided the illustration for how these things work that I’ve been looking for! The page that hosts […]

pfsense 1.2.1-RC2 Atheros Wireless Issue addressed

Hello, I recently upgraded one of my routers from pfsense 1.2-RC4 to 1.2.1-RC2 and ran in to a nasty issue regarding my wireless access point seemingly vanishing from existence.

It took a few hours, but I figured out a work-around and posted how to resolve the issue. The jist is in the upgrade from FreeBSD […]

School Notes Section Reborn

Okay, so it’s not really news that I often take my notes for school on a tablet. I first started posting some of my notes over a year ago, however the way I was doing it took me quite a bit of effort/time to post a single lecture. Now I’ve re-worked my process and created […]

Calgary Traffic Web Cam info Aggregated!

So, I was checking out this neat City of Calgary (where I allegedly live) Traffic Website. It shows a cool map of the city with little camera icons for each location where the city has a web cam setup. What I didn’t like about this setup is that you can only look at one camera […]

Arduino/Freeduino Play

Here’s a video I decided to toss up on YouTube just showing some of the results of some of the goofing around I’ve been doing with my Arduino board (it’s actually a Freeduino).

I had a lot of trouble getting the board to work at first, but once I ran it through an ultrasonic cleaner […]