Plexi-Glass based displayed video game brainstorm

Howdy world, so I wanted to share this idea I have about a fun little project that I’m considering involving using little sheets of etched plexi-glass, LEDs, some random switches and some kind of controller (like ATMega168/Arduino) to create a cheap crude super bizarre little game system. Not sure what the game could be, but here’s a video of a little brainstorm. My main inspiration came from here. This also helped give me some good thoughts that led to this.

World, meet the HypnoOrb

Using the toys I’ve been enjoying ever so much lately, I’ve managed to really nicely smooth out the programming in my Arduino for my RGB LED. It’s so awesome that I’m given it a name! Meet the HypnoOrb!

At this point I only have the raw prototype, but I’m considering going ahead an making more of them. I have to work out pricing and smooth of some aspects of the design. If you’re interested in getting one, please contact me or post a message here – the more interest I see on this thing, the faster I’ll work at finding an inexpensive means of producing them.

Here’s the HypnoOrb source code for the Arduino environment.

The HypnoOrb’s name was inspired by our master, the HypnoToad.

Goofin’ Around with 7-Segment Displays & my Arduino

I’ve taken a few little steps forward towards my plans of building some cool stuff I’ve yet to announce. Yesterday I focused on testing out a tutorial I found on the Arduino website regarding driving multiple LEDs via chained shift registers. This setup is pretty cool as it only takes 3 pins off of the arduino (excluding power, which could be easily driven separately). I used the tutorial here to get the potentiometer going.