Calgary Traffic Web Cam info Aggregated!

So, I was checking out this neat City of Calgary (where I allegedly live) Traffic Website. It shows a cool map of the city with little camera icons for each location where the city has a web cam setup. What I didn’t like about this setup is that you can only look at one camera at a time and they expect you to click on each icon to bring up the view. So I looked at how they structured things a bit and just whipped up this page that gives a sense of the city all at once. Check it out!

I also noticed that on the City of Calgary page, they only use something like half of the web cams that they have configured to post their images (at least in the way as used by their website) – so I’ve included those web cams in this page. At this time, there’s 42 in total (as opposed to 22 on their site linked above).