Rogers Redeemed

The Myth I head somewhere in the past that if you get Rogers to redirect you to their retentions group, they’ll offer you better options than you’d get elsewhere. It just bothers me that it seems to be true that if you want those better options you first have to actually make some kind of […]

HypnoOrb Prototype MK2

Arduino Independence

Getting the Arduino Processor to function on a breadboard

The next step in my HypnoOrb project is to figure out how to get the Arduino microprocessor (AKA ATMega168) that makes the whole thing work function with as little hardware as possible. Thanks to this awesome site, I found, I now know what I wasn’t doing […]

STP is here!

I’ve released a rebuild of an old classic program. The old Shit Talker application brought me many hours of enjoyment via calling my friends and goofing around. I’ve been sad to see no updates of Shit Talker for a long time and decided to just write my own. Hence I give you Shit Talker Phoenix!


Behold: The Flash Rat

Here’s a USB Flash drive I created – really just hacked the guts out of a flash drive, soldered on an LED & wires and jammed it in the guts of this ugly stuffed rat I had.