Hit & Run on my car!

So the other day I was standing in Cami’s kitchen when we heard a loud scraping sound come from outside. We soon realized the sound was that of a car driving straight in to the side of my parked car. I ran outside just in time to clearly observe a man who had been a […]

Super Mouse Hack

I did this cool mouse mod where I put a wireless card inside of my mouse – I love it because the mouse looks exactly the same as before, except now it has wireless functionality!!! This hack got featured over on Hackaday.com!

Roll on over to the project page for this hack!


Some HypnoOrb Progress

While my latest round of HypnoOrb progress hasn’t yet resulted in another fully functional design, it’s a good step in that direction. I’ve been learning to make good use of Cadsoft’s free version of their PCB design tool called Eagle. At this point I’ve been kind of stuck on getting the path of the wires […]