CISV Plunct Plact Zum Village Pre-Camp Video

In July of 2000 I met up with a bunch of people I only knew were follow members of CISV, but from a bunch of other countries. For about a month we hung out together at a camp in Rio De Janeiro. Most of the attendants were 11yr olds. I myself was there as a Junior Counsellor, and was 16. There were of course many other older leaders. Before the camp had actually started, the leaders that hosted the camp sent out a video. I’ve dug this video out of my archives, brushed it off slightly and posted it for all to enjoy! Also, check out my photo album from this event.

SCHS 2002 Graduation

Well, it may have been 7 years ago now, but I was cruising through my files and came across this old video.. I don’t really know who recorded the original footage, but I decided to clean it up a bit and put it out there, after all, there’s little point having this video if it’s not shared!

So, here it is.. I hope many good old SCHS friends check it out and that it brings back a few nice memories for them. I expect some time around 2012, we’ll have to get a reunion setup. Hope you’re all doing well! Cheers.

Upgrade Experience with Ubuntu 9.04

Ubuntu Logo
Ubuntu Logo

Hello World!

While, yesterday was Ubuntu 9.04 day! With the latest official release of Ubuntu Linux, I decided to put one foot in the water and give upgrading my mac pro from 8.10 a whirl. The process went fairly perfectly with one major flaw. Upon rebooting my upgraded system, my video driver for xorg was no longer functioning properly. The solution was to remotely login through ssh, download & install the latest driver (from here) and then reboot again. After that I was greeted with the beautiful new Ubuntu 9.04 login screen and the upgrade was nearly..

I did go on to find that flash wasn’t working for me properly anymore. I found an interesting post that offered some good suggestions here. Though I found following the preferred suggestion didn’t exactly work out for me. All I did was remove the nonfree flash package and then reinstalled the “flashplugin-installer” package.

I posted pretty much the same comments as above regarding the video issue, with a little more detail on the Ubuntu Forum.

My flash experience is reposted here, but whatever, cause I just said it all over again in this post.

Epic WoW Fail

I was playing WoW the other day with a some friends.. I was playing it on Ubuntu linux (using WINE) and I guess some mystical memory leak decided to creep up and kick my butt. As such, from the WoW side of things I was disconnected while running in Stormwind City.

About 33.53 seconds later, I had managed to login again, but I found myself dead. The afterlife was not what I expected. I had been teleported (via a game bug) to a far away land and lived in a perpetual state of free-fall. It was horrid and more importantly, I couldn’t see a way out. My group had already been waiting for me to run to where they where and this had to happen. Not to worry however, a trusty Game Master came to my rescue. After some BSG banter and laughs the GM used their super-toon powers and transported me to the city of Ironforge (as I was trying to get there in the first place).

The whole detour took about 30mins to get resolved on a Saturday evening, so all in all, I suppose that’s not too bad at all.

I have a video from my time in the hellish afterlife: