Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-30

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • RT @SarahKSilverman: Carrots are good for your eyes but only if you take them orally. #
  • Still wet, greenified wall #
  • repaint our hang out room in the basement #yyc #
  • kinda cool, EB Games has used 360's for $120 #yyc #
  • This weekend we're completely rearranging our basement. That's a massive undertaking.. Cool, but ugh.. #
  • RARELY I'll get 10 hours in to a game like tonight. As usual, #Vista killed my game to force an update & reboot. #
  • huh? Is this restaurant pushin drinkin in earthquakes? #yyc #
  • Wall of awesome in Market Mall #yyc #
  • Poor little bonsai, silly Home Depot, don't you know these little juniper type ones die in #yyc #
  • Next time I need to tap my personal afterburner, I'll pop one of these #thinkgeek pots: #
  • My new fav website: Right up there with #sparkfun in my books. #
  • Want to stop eating out? Health code violations may help, check ur fav #yyc restaurant: #
  • Whoa, that bag of chips just murdered my energy level.. Note to self, junk food still sucks. #
  • Speaking of #ssh, here's a #bash script to keep an ssh tunnel & Reverse Proxy live: #
  • I love #ssh so much. I've used it for over a decade, it's a bottomless rabbit hole of awesome #
  • Attention #yyc, you may save on your water bills by taking Free Showers, just step out your door. #
  • Well, I think I've slayed the event calendar conflict detection demon. Now I need to take down the event calendar view generator dragon #
  • I'm making an event calendar tool in #Django, all the hard stuff is given, still, recurring events & conflict detection hurts #
  • I wish shaving was THIS much fun for me #
  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16 #

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-16

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-09

PCB Etching Progress

Freshly Transferred Toner
Transferred Toner

Well, a few of us Protospacers met up and worked out some more home-made cheap Printed Circuit Board progress.. Vast thanks to the help of my esteemed friend HappyThawts, we finally got out a board of usable quality! Woot! We used a single sided Arduino pattern I found (saved me some seri

ous time). And followed a fairly well documented process involving use of Ferric Chloride, Acetone, Clothing Irons, Cheap Magazine Paper, Water and patience.

Freshly Etched
Freshly Etched
Finished Board
Finished Board

All in all, it worked damn well. I’ve been getting ready to run a Protospace workshop on the topic for awhile now, so this particular attempt had been intended to be the first run through with a big group. But after several failed attempts at getting a usable PCB out of the process (and some other problems involving shipping stuff from China taking for FREAKIN’ ever), I decided to delay the first real workshop somewhat. Nevertheless, the results were great and I’m certain the next attempt will be a great deal better on account of the toner transfer used here was several days old and probably a lot more settled than toner that’s minutes old. 😀