2 thoughts on “Behold: The Flash Rat”

  1. 1) Are you concerned about static electricity build-up if someone rubs the rat against their wool sweater? Will it short out anything?

    2) Might want to consider using a small tripod for your camera. You even be able to get away with resting it on something that you can pivot easily. The camera move from your face to the rat to the screen made me feel a bit nauseous.

  2. Thanks for the camera suggestions UMM.. I’ve been thinking about that for a few days now, not sure what I’ll do to fix it.. But have a few ideas. Sorry for that motion.

    As for the static, I’m not concerned at all – mostly because the electrical components are grounded through the reference voltage over USB. That said, if the laptop isn’t grounded, I suppose there *could* be an issue there, but I’m somewhat doubtful. I think the worst case scenario is the little onboard fuse inside the memory stick could blow. That said, I’m really doubtful of that being a possibility.

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