City of Calgary Secrets?

Spyhill Landfill

Click for a few harmless photos

We took a load of gardening crud to one of the city landfills.. After the real work was done, I took a moment to admire the vast number of Shithawks Seagulls. In so doing, I opted to snap some photos with my phone and in turn aggravated a nearby worker. He promptly informed me that photos were strictly prohibited. Suffice to say, that’s so silly I am finding it difficult to care… And thus I give you, alleged secret imagery from public land on the city of Calgary – a few images of a landfill!!

Upon entering the landfill there are a bunch of regulations clearly indicated, but of course there’s no mention of the alleged rule regarding no photography. Upon leaving, we asked another site employee about the rule, he politely said that he didn’t know why the rule was in place, but it is a requirement and those who wish to take pictures must call some city phone number. Blah.

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