SCHS 2002 Graduation

Well, it may have been 7 years ago now, but I was cruising through my files and came across this old video.. I don’t really know who recorded the original footage, but I decided to clean it up a bit and put it out there, after all, there’s little point having this video if it’s not shared!

So, here it is.. I hope many good old SCHS friends check it out and that it brings back a few nice memories for them. I expect some time around 2012, we’ll have to get a reunion setup. Hope you’re all doing well! Cheers.

One thought on “SCHS 2002 Graduation”

  1. It’s a strange video to see after so long – especially when you see all those who aren’t here anymore. But it is good to see them happy and it reminds us to cherish those times. Thanks for posting James – well done!

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