Hit & Run on my car!

So the other day I was standing in Cami’s kitchen when we heard a loud scraping sound come from outside. We soon realized the sound was that of a car driving straight in to the side of my parked car. I ran outside just in time to clearly observe a man who had been a passenger essentially move over and sit on top of the woman who was behind the wheel. He then appeared to drive the car as it sped away from the scene.

What is especially funny to me is that there were 4 witnesses is VERY plain sight of them, but they fled anyway. There actually was a 5th witness on top of that. So we easily observed the license plate number and called it in. The police came, took statements from all and then told us that the car’s owner lives behind us and they told us to call in event that the car returns.

The police then also told us that the owner was fined one month prior for driving without insurance and it appeared they remained uninsured.

So, the next day, the car returned. Cami called up the police and they went over to the house to speak with the supposed owner of the car. I’m told the man claimed that he couldn’t have been involved in an accident as he only got the car out of the impound this morning. However the damage (including transferred paint) spoke well for itself. He apparently was able to produce some kind of insurance (we’ll see if that holds up).

The police that came out today said they’d hand over the information they collected to the police officers who initially investigated the situation.

I’m led to believe that my insurance company will take care of it (possibly in part by suing the responsible party for damages) and I’m comforted by the feeling that will work out, to some degree.

What do you guys think the penalty for doing something like that ought to be?

[update]: So I just got home again to see the offending car parked across the street, in front of the house this guy lives at (as I now have verified). I’m tempted to take some pictures of his car and probably will do so.. Though the key for me is not to provoke an incident. IF the police were doing nothing, I’d be more interested in some kind of confrontation. Since they seem to be doing a great investigation, I think it’s smartest for me to help keep the case as simple as possible. Still, I’d like pictures of the whole setup.. hah, I’ll probably take some tomorrow, it’s all dark now.

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5 thoughts on “Hit & Run on my car!”

  1. Hey Jamie,

    I’m so happy you guys were able to find out who damaged your car. A few years back I parked my nice new car near my university. After I returned from class it looked like my car door was open. As I walked closer I noticed that the side door panel had been fully dented in. Sadly there was nothing I can do since there were no witnesses. That sucked. A lot.

    I have accidentally scratched someone’s car before and I waited around to tell them. However – I feel there aren’t too many people who would do the same. An act of vandalism should be punished….but what is the incentive of someone turning themselves in for committing such a crime (besides an ethical conscience)?

  2. Will your insurance premiums increase if your ins. co handles this?

    My parked car was hit two weeks ago. When I came to my car there was a note on my windshield with the driver’s apology, date, time and name and tel number. Amazing. Definitely an ethical conscience. That driver also reported the incident to police as the police called me that same evening and told me to come and collect all the information of the driver.

    Fortunately, in your instance you had the licence plate because it seems you must deal with someone with a lower set of morals.

  3. @Sadaf: That sucks Sadaf! That sucks a ton, did your insurance cover it? Good on ya for doing what you should have done when you scratched that car.

    @Debbie: That sucks so much, but that’s so awesome that they took responsibility. I think if the people that hit my car had been sincere, honest and all that other good stuff about it – I would have felt sorry for them and tried to help find an ideal solution for all.. But it makes it dead simple and easy for me when they do what they did.

    The best part is the dude still LIVES across from us – so he’s our neighbour. Hence, this guy hit & run a neighbour’s car with a bunch of neighbours watching. Then he told blatant lies to the police about what happened. That just seems like the definition of foolish to me, but hey, what do I know?

  4. I can’t believe your neighbor is not taking responsibility even though it’s obvious what he did! I didn’t end up going through my insurance because it was a new car and the damages would’ve increased my rate (even though it was clear that it wasn’t my fault!).

    It’s nice to be in Japan where I have no car worries. However, I (and many friends) have been hit by cars while on my bicycle. That’s another fun type of hit and run!

    hope this all gets resolved easily! teach this guy a lesson Jamie …for all of us! 😀

  5. @Sadaf: Yeah, it’s hard to believe he seems to think he can deceive in a case like this… But it just makes it easier for me to have no remorse for leaning in on him as hard as I can. Though as it stands, he’s doin the job for me and police are facilitating it all.

    That’s crazy about bicycle h&rs, wow. Cool that you’re having a good time over in Japan though. I so need to do some traveling. Bah, I will, just a matter of time.

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