Some HypnoOrb Progress

While my latest round of HypnoOrb progress hasn’t yet resulted in another fully functional design, it’s a good step in that direction. I’ve been learning to make good use of Cadsoft’s free version of their PCB design tool called Eagle. At this point I’ve been kind of stuck on getting the path of the wires routed well. The free version of Eagle provides some routing features, but I’m told it’s best to go with some other tools, tools that I’m pretty sure cost the GDP of a small nation, or possibly continent. But fear not, this is a fairly simple board, so I think worst case I should be able to manually route it in a very awesome way…. I hope. Anyway, below’s an image of the latest layout I’ve got…

HypnoOrb Prototype MK3
HypnoOrb Prototype MK3

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  10. But more than treating the disease, prevention is still the best way to go. Prevent UTI by giving your dogs the right type of food. Never give your dog human food, especially those with high salt content. Salty foods and foods with too much preservatives are not going to help your pet at all. Give them only all-natural dog meals and pet foods that are especially formulated to treat UTI. There are also many home remedies for UTI that you can give your pets. Good examples are citrus juices, distilled water, and fresh meals.

  11. If you’re affected by rheumatoid arthritis you should be aware that recent research suggests that there can be several genetic and environmental factors involved in the cause of the disorder. Different people also respond in different ways to the available remedies.

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