STP is here!

I’ve released a rebuild of an old classic program. The old Shit Talker application brought me many hours of enjoyment via calling my friends and goofing around. I’ve been sad to see no updates of Shit Talker for a long time and decided to just write my own. Hence I give you Shit Talker Phoenix!

Some people use Shit Talker for prank calling people they don’t know – I can’t say I recommend this, not really my personal style. Though I must admit, sometimes the results are rather funny. Please use STP nicely.

6 thoughts on “STP is here!”

  1. I like the voices I get with the program (just stumbled on to it but it won’t run on my vista machine) I am not a mac user found your site and would realy like a windows version as I make animation and would like to have custom voices.

  2. I wish you would make shit talker available for windows vista or XP. I know several animators that would love to record character voices and not depend on voice actors. The loquendo web site tts engine is cool but out of my price range. And most others sound like what they are a poor facsimile.

  3. I’m considering making a Windows build.. STP for OSX uses a speech engine provided as a part of OS X – so it’s not like I had to build that part (that’d be like 20x the work). I’ve found some similar engines for Windows and have infact made a Java version, but I thought it was too awkward to distribute so I killed it off.

    I’ve had a couple others say they’d like a Windows version – so I’m definitely giving it some thought. It’s mostly just a matter of time.

  4. Naw, I haven't gotten around to it yet. I've actually been thinking I may just make a Java Applet version so it can run out of a Web Browser and thus not require any particular Operating System. Like that idea?

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