STP Replugged – Who would you call?

I think it’s time again that I re-plug my free little “Shit Talker Phoenix” program I’ve written for OSX.

As you can see from the screenshot, it’s a window saturated with a mess of buttons. Each of these buttons are linked in to a speech synthesis engine, so when you press a button, the computer speaks whatever’s on the button.

I based this entirely off of the old Shit Talker by Jaundice, a well known, ancient but hilarious little program for making “prank” phone calls. I used this program back in the days of Windows 98 and if you try to run it now you’ll be met with general instability and ugliness (though you could run it inside a virtual machine). I was motivated to re-write it for OSX simply because that’s what I was using at the time and I wanted something I could run natively to do the same thing.

I actually had written a Java version of STP prior to this, but I had so many headaches in trying to bundle it in to something people would find easy to run that I eventually gave up on that version of it. Though I have goofed with the idea of resurrecting that project, but distributing it as a Java Applet and thus give people a web address they could go to in order to just run it out of their browser.

So what you think? Maybe you’ll have fun using this to call your mom and pretend you’ve become a robot? It’s always a good bet to use this when dealing with telemarketers too. What would you use STP for?

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7 thoughts on “STP Replugged – Who would you call?”

  1. Hey, nice work. I am the creator of Shit Talker, and I get emails all the time asking if there's an OS X version – now I'll send them over to you!

  2. pretty good work!

    C, it will download correctly if you are on a Mac, as Macs look at the content’s file header (a zip file) to figure out what to do with a file.

    If you see gobbledygook, you’re on the wrong machine or twatted up your browser’s settings. Set it to recognize by content, not file extension, where here it defaults as HTML.

    -an olebuzzard

  3. I used to use shit talker till winbloze xp SP3 killed it with a security patch that blocks the type of scripting passing commands to the “voice box.” It’ll open the console, but that’s it. Doesn’t pass text commands. (at least on this NB205 netbook I have. I hate scrpt blocking security – takes the fun out of owning a computer to a debugger like me.)

    I’m working on a persona-based text to speech scripting animation mechanism for a 3D engine project, so this is one to add to my collection.

    Where is this java version you speak of? Maybe it can be tweaked right. Heck, you can make 3D avatars say crazy stuff in Vcom3D, as that is fully scriptable. Bitmanagement is close, but has an annoying panel that appears in the 3D world.

    Anyways it would be cool if there was something in SecondLife, or to see NPC characters in GTA, conversing with ShitTalker speech.

  4. I may bother to re-make the Java version, but a hard drive crash has sent it off in to the void.

    I have a C# Windows implementation of STP, but I’ve had a painful time figuring out how to add voice profiles. I may just release it as is for now. It’s almost entirely functional.

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