Ubuntu 9.10 has landed!

Here’s a youtube video I found that shows off some of the more visual aspects of 9.10
In case you haven’t heard, the latest release of Ubuntu 9.10 is out. This outstanding Open Source Operating System continues to refine and polish itself. I’ve been using the development/beta version for about a month now and I’ve found it to run very very nicely. Anyone not sure about giving it a go, it’s free, it’s awesome and you can run it without altering your computer. It’s also as easy as installing a Windows Application.

Using it on Macs

I’ve been using Ubuntu mostly on a Mac Pro and on a Macbook – it runs fantastically on both. The Mac Pro has always run Ubuntu fantastically. However, when 9.04 was released something changed with the Intel video support that made it run terribly on my Macbook. I’m delighted to report that 9.10 seems to have resolved that issue out of the box. Also, I’m totally thrilled that I could get my two finger right-click function working on 9.10 through a simple gui tool. This tool also let me enable two finger scrolling.


This version of Ubuntu seems more professional to me than previous versions. Granted previous versions have been fantastic. The polish of this version has to do with more consistent artwork, graceful user notification of system messages, mature professional wallpapers and of course the list goes on and on. I’m also happy to see several improvements with configuration tools and other areas.

Getting Curious?

If you’re getting curious, you can download Ubuntu (disk images that you have to burn) freely from their website. If you’re interested in trying it out without changing your computer at all, they have several easy means for you to do this. Check out the documentation on their website if you’re feeling like having extra support with that.

5 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.10 has landed!”

  1. Hey,
    I just stuck 9.10 on my MacBook and I was wondering what gui program you used to get the scrolling and right-clicking done. I had been using 9.04 for months and loved it, I just never got the scrolling working-something I learned to live with. I did however, on 9.04, use a script I found on the Internet to be able to use my f12 key as a right clicker. I know there’s a way in 9.10, just need to find it.

  2. Nevermind, haha, just figured out I can right click by tapping with two fingers on the touchpad. hahaha

  3. Glad to hear you found it Will – in case others are asking, you just use the mouse/trackpad (I forgot which they call it) perferences tool under System > Preferences. I’m not sure what the path to the tool is for non-gnome users, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

    Part of why I like this little perk so much is that it took me a few seconds after my initial install to get it going and it my brain usage never spiked over 5%. 😉

  4. I don’t see an option in the Mouse config tool for setting two-finger or three-finger tap behavior. I’m used to (and enjoy) a two-finger tap sending a middle-click, so I need to restore that functionality. =(

  5. Try going to so System > Preferences > Mouse

    One of the tabs in there is probably it (I don’t have my macbook with me, so it’s hard to check). If it’s not in there and you are in fact on a macbook, then it may not be under ‘Mouse’, but something else..

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