Whoa Posterous FTW!

So in doing my typical rounds I’ve come across the greatest thing since WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Flickr combined – and by “since” then, I mean, if there’s even been such an awesome combo of tools before…

I’ve setup a new sub-domain for dawning.ca – this is http://stream.dawning.ca – this URL points to a Posterous server that shows my posts and content of coolness.. Yeah, yeah, that’s nice.. Where it goes from “/yawn” to “/clap & /sing” is that I can email in a post (precisely what I’m doing now) and the message contents are automatically added to my posterous page (stream.dawning.ca) but a URL to the post is auto tweeted, any images are automatically linked up and posted to Flickr and any attached videos get automatically dumped to Vimeo and Youtube.. Ohh, also – any urls get dumped in your Delicious account (and while it’s at it, posts references to it all in facebook if you like).

Must I remind you all that it’s doing this for you from an email you submit? Yeah, that’s right. That’s called “Frakin’ awesome” is what that’s called!

Okay, so now you must go forth and give it a whirl yourself! http://www.posterous.com

Posted via email from Doc Dawning