Desktop Aquarium Project

Major Assembly Completed..This the little story a weekend project to add more of a soul to my computery-workspace at home. The result has really delighted me and I’m already well in to plotting out a similar project for my office. I’d suggest those who are considering such a project themselves should jump in to it!

The Story of the Desktop Aquarium

Lately I’ve been itching to setup a Terrarium of sorts. I found this website and it got me fairly excited on a few levels. I ordered a bunch of Bonsai seeds (mostly Japanese Maple variants), but my short-term drive to set up a little world of life remained.

After viewing all the neat and bizarre terrariums on that website I mentioned, I was starting to take notice of some of the glassware my “better half” occasionally hordes. A beautiful fat 4L jug/jar thing really caught my eye and away I went, on a relaxing tangent to get a funky desktop aqarium up and running.

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Decent Fiction

Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card

Upon my recent acquisition of a Kobo eReader, I’ve been recreationally reading quite a lot lately. Two books I recently finished reading were Ender’s Game and Pirates Latitudes. Both were entertaining in their own right.

Ender’s Game

Ender’s Game is a classic Sci-Fi novel that I’ve heard referred to on multiple occasions. It seems to be a classic favorite amongst the geek crowd. I had high expectations of it and upon reading it, found it to be reasonably predictable. THAT said, I really quite enjoyed it. I often found myself thinking: “I knew they’d do that! .. huh, that’s STILL awesome”.

The novel is written in the form that I think makes for a good story – that is, in being a sci-fi, the ‘technology’ involved is only a plot device. The story is about people, perceptions and human nature. It’s a powerful commentary that I feel warrants at least a single read. I think I’ll find myself re-reading this book every few years.

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