The Air is on fire! Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW!

Gigabit Internet Download
Exhibit A: "Gigabit Internet" service over Wireless N
Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW
Exhibit 2: Damn, seriously.

Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet doesn’t bother Transmitting Data, it TELEPORTS it!

Here I sit in my bed @ my parent’s place on Christmas Eve. I decided to test out their new internet connection & router by enjoying another kind of “Eve”, Eve Online.

The Air is on fire, but in the good way

About the same time as this new internet service was hooked up I randomly decided to upgrade my parents to use Wireless N (with a repeater rig, a la Airport Extreme & Airport Express).

So… Back to me sitting here in bed. I thought I’d take this whole setup for a jog by downloading Eve Online. 3.0GB is a notably massive payload to download. On our old connection, I’d expect this to easily take all night to complete. Or about a month, if we were still on dial-up.

Well, 3.0GB is apparently a joke for this connection, look at Exhibit A.

Zomg, WTF! wincopt3r!

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AirPlay Through pfsense Bridge

Network Packet Capture for AirPlayHowdy all, geek-mode enabled.

So I’ve been fighting somewhat to get my AirPlay enabled device (Apple TV) to function perfectly. I use pfsense to run my router and in so doing I’ve got a Wireless and Wired network that are bridged together. I found with the AppleTV that only devices on the same physical media could stream to it, though all devices could “see” it.

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Getting Synergy (or whatever) to run automatically in Snow Leopard

Getting Synergy to Autorun on OSX
Here you see the "synergys" I describe creation of. It's available for selection in the Login Items selection list.

If you’re geeky like me, then you may be a lover of Synergy..

Well, many of us have long since used some of the old funky tricks for getting Synergy to start up automatically (like the ol LoginWindow trick). But that seems to not be so helpful (for me anyway), as of upgrading to Apple’s Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.5).

Here’s what I did to get this going..

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Pretty Cycling Images and URLs

I recently tossed up my little cycling badge of things I like (to the left) and in the process I had to do some CSS/jQuery “research”.

I found THIS really helpful guide that nicely explained everything, but it wasn’t precisely what I wanted. I found that in using the code as given there, all the images would grossly load in a stack and images of different sizes would remain visible in the stack as they cycled. I also didn’t really like the idea of the fading animations being tied to the IMG tag, I wanted to use a more generic DIV container instead, after all I like writing code I can easily re-use later.

Read beyond the break for the code..
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