The Air is on fire! Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW!

Exhibit A: "Gigabit Internet" service over Wireless N

Exhibit 2: Damn, seriously.

Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet doesn’t bother Transmitting Data, it TELEPORTS it!

Here I sit in my bed @ my parent’s place on Christmas Eve. I decided to test out their new internet connection & router by enjoying another kind of “Eve”, […]

AirPlay Through pfsense Bridge

Howdy all, geek-mode enabled.

So I’ve been fighting somewhat to get my AirPlay enabled device (Apple TV) to function perfectly. I use pfsense to run my router and in so doing I’ve got a Wireless and Wired network that are bridged together. I found with the AppleTV that only devices on the same physical media […]

Getting Synergy (or whatever) to run automatically in Snow Leopard

Here you see the "synergys" I describe creation of. It's available for selection in the Login Items selection list.

If you’re geeky like me, then you may be a lover of Synergy..

Well, many of us have long since used some of the old funky tricks for getting Synergy to start up automatically (like […]

Pretty Cycling Images and URLs

I recently tossed up my little cycling badge of things I like (to the left) and in the process I had to do some CSS/jQuery “research”.

I found THIS really helpful guide that nicely explained everything, but it wasn’t precisely what I wanted. I found that in using the code as given there, all […]