Learn from Seymour & Get Smarter

Upon graduating recently, I found the Engineering group had a special treat – a copy of Seymour Schulich’sGet Smarter” was given to each grad. In an atypical move, I decided to read this non-textbook source of information.

Worth Reading

I quite enjoyed it, Schulich has arranged the book in to a ton of tiny chapters. In each, he quickly and effectively conveys an opinion or experience of his. If you’re not interested in something, it’s easy to skip on (granted I never did) and the rest of the book will still make sense. Given Schulich’s history, this is a man with some neat concepts to convey. He discusses a vast range of topics from his opinions about assessing career options to finding meaning in life.

For Who

I think especially for the target age group (20-40), this book is a must read and since doing so takes a few hours, there’s every reason to have a gander. I’ve even recommended it to my 60-something year old father. It’s an interesting collection if topics and history.

Look Closer

Check it out here.