The Air is on fire! Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW!

Gigabit Internet Download
Exhibit A: "Gigabit Internet" service over Wireless N
Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW
Exhibit 2: Damn, seriously.

Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet doesn’t bother Transmitting Data, it TELEPORTS it!

Here I sit in my bed @ my parent’s place on Christmas Eve. I decided to test out their new internet connection & router by enjoying another kind of “Eve”, Eve Online.

The Air is on fire, but in the good way

About the same time as this new internet service was hooked up I randomly decided to upgrade my parents to use Wireless N (with a repeater rig, a la Airport Extreme & Airport Express).

So… Back to me sitting here in bed. I thought I’d take this whole setup for a jog by downloading Eve Online. 3.0GB is a notably massive payload to download. On our old connection, I’d expect this to easily take all night to complete. Or about a month, if we were still on dial-up.

Well, 3.0GB is apparently a joke for this connection, look at Exhibit A.

Zomg, WTF! wincopt3r!

I knew they (my parents via Shaw) had “great” internet service.. But.. like… Whoa… 5.6MB/s? Err.. WTF?!!!! That’s like, soooo awesome! I guess I didn’t notice that Shaw’s testing out their new Gigabit internet service in my parent’s community. Frakin’ rad and a half! If you read up on this service, apparently it’s on trial in very very few places (Basically nowhere at all).

I passionately must thank Shaw and the Interweb gods for their generous trial of this wicked service in the community here!

By the way, 73.16Mb/s == 9.14MB/s == Faster than 802.11G and near the fundamental limit of 100Mb Ethernet.

Footnote: Could be more ‘awesomer’

I know I could add another dimension of ‘win’ by also having been doing this on Ubuntu Linux (with the intention of running the game in wine), but I’m tired of tinkering with little configuration parameters when all I’m out to do is play a game. Hence my use of a ‘video game’ OS for this screenshot.

When I work, of course, THEN I’m running Ubuntu to the max.