Using a PC Video Card in a Mac Pro

Like various other Mac Pro users who’ve been spoiled by the PC universe, I’ve grown disinterested in paying Apple top dollar for a video card upgrade that produces a piece of hardware I can buy for a lot less from the local hardware store (with only a firmware distinction).

As such, I’ve endeavored to modify a PC card for use with my Mac Pro. Thanks to the amazing skills of one “netkas“, I was able to make some nice headway.

Suffice to say, as it stands, I can use my Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 card in OSX on my Mac Pro. I can also use it with Windows & Linux, essentially breathing new life in to my machine, which in non-videocard regards is epic. /win

For a detailed post on what I’ve done thus far with this, go read here.

Disclaimer Yo

By the way, I wouldn’t recommend trying this unless you’re feeling pretty confident. It’d be pretty easy to wreck stuff doing this if you’re not paying close attention. You’ll also need a proprietary aux power cable or you’ll need to get an adapter to get that 6-pin video card power from a DVD drive. Else you won’t be able to power the video card properly.