No More Chalkboard Spam

A Message to my fellow U of C Students….

'PL'-this BS-'O'

The other day I was sitting in class watching a prof write some notes on the chalkboard. As per usual, he navigated around a big section of the board that was boxed off with a note “PLO” (Please Leave On) written over it. The notes he wrote were compressed and distorted as he really needed a full board to express the idea.

It got me thinking…

Watching my prof thoughtfully navigate around the box got me thinking of how this ‘bull’ was affecting everyone in the room. There we all sat to learn something new. The person sharing their idea has so many limits on communication to navigate and this PLO box was one of them.

I recall seeing these kinds of ADVERTISEMENTS on chalkboards back in to high school. I’ve seen them thoughout my 8 years / 2 degrees at U of C… They’re nothing new and they compete for our attention. Yet I’m starting to wonder why my profs generally respect and avoid these intrusions?

What are we here to do?

We’re assaulted by advertisements and other distractions every where we go. With the ever growing presence of funtastic electronic additions to the classroom the list of distractions continues to expand. But it’s time a line is drawn and I’m drawing it at hand-written ads in the middle of main staple of education.

At U of C, we’re attending a publicly funded institution that EXISTS to FACILITATE EDUCATION. Everyone in Alberta is paying for this facility to exist and it’s not like I get a tuition break for reading constant advertisements off the chalkboard. I love that we have a vibrant community with news and information to share. However, we all know there are tons of designated post boards, bathroom stalls, rocks, side walks and foreheads available to this end.

Let’s get on with it

Students, I implore you all. When you see one of these BS “PLO”s, erase it. You’re paying for this educational opportunity and someone posting their ad in the middle of your learning surface is a smite to what you’re here to accomplish.

Profs, that’s YOUR surface to express yourself. Use it all so that your thankful learned students can give you stronger ratings in return. Erasing PLOs may even result in greater respect from your students when they see you’re interested in helping them get what you’re saying.

PLOers, keep expressing yourself and your business. Just get the ‘frak’ off our chalkboards.

Phew! Okay, back to work!