Getting Synergy (or whatever) to run automatically in Snow Leopard

Getting Synergy to Autorun on OSX
Here you see the "synergys" I describe creation of. It's available for selection in the Login Items selection list.

If you’re geeky like me, then you may be a lover of Synergy..

Well, many of us have long since used some of the old funky tricks for getting Synergy to start up automatically (like the ol LoginWindow trick). But that seems to not be so helpful (for me anyway), as of upgrading to Apple’s Mac OSX Snow Leopard (10.5).

Here’s what I did to get this going..

  1. Install Synergy of course. Get everything configured and ready to be rigged to automatically start.

  2. Move the “synergys” binary to somewhere (like /usr/bin/) but give it a name like “synergys-orig”

  3. Create a “synergys” bash script and put it in your root directory, the script should look similar to:
    /usr/bin/synergys-orig -c /etc/synergy/synergy.conf $1

  4. Note “/etc/synergy/synergy.conf” above is where my custom config script is located. Be sure if you’re running synergy server, to do something similar.

  5. Make your synergys script executable
    # chmod +x synergys

  6. Open up System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items
    Add your /synergys script

  7. Reboot to confirm it’s all working.

So that’s what I did. Annoying that it seems I can’t get a bash script from any where other than / to show up in the Login Items options list.

Anyway, happy synergizing!