Dear Diary: Installing OSX 10.9 on Late 2007 MacBook

Here’s my notes on how I approached installing OSX 10.9 on my Late 2007 MacBook (MacBook3,1).

Note I did most of this on a current Mac running 10.9.

Also, this kind of worked. I got the install to run but it wouldn’t boot after install. I’m probably quite close to it working. I’ll update this post with notes if I work on this further.


  1. Create USB Flash OSX 10.9 installer
  2. Go to /Volumes/Install OS X Mavericks/Install OS X
  3. cp OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall.mpkg__ORIG
  4. pkgutil –expand OSInstall.mpkg OSInstall
  5. Find your board-id: oreg -l | grep board-id
  6. edit /Volumes/Install\ OS\ X\ Mavericks/Install\ OS\ X\
  7. Add your board-id to the platformSupportValues array in the Distribution file
  8. pkgutil –flatten ./OSInstall ./OSInstall.mpkg
  9. Edit the /Volumes/Install OS X Mavericks/System/Library/CoreServices file to also contain your board-id.