Dear Diary: Running Trac and upgrading to Ubuntu Server 14.04

I’m a fairly heavy user of trac. I’ve got various software projects I organize using trac. I decided to upgrade one of my Ubuntu 12.04 servers to Ubuntu 14.04 and of course ran in to the typical apache2 headaches that are born out of this particular transition.

After remembering to rename my virtual host files with .conf extensions (I find that change annoying as hell on its own), I kept running aground with an Internal Server Error message to which I couldn’t even find a hint in my logs, even after cranking up the verbosity.


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 6.00.23 PM



I eventually realized my main issue was something in the python goo that apache departs off in to in order to make trac run. I had previously setup trac using the python apache module like in the instructions here.

Of course, it ended up coming down to <Directory> permission junk needing to be changed. Suffice to say, after many lines of python noise in my apache config, I had the classic:

Order allow,deny
Allow from all


#Order allow,deny
#Allow from all
Require all granted

There we go!