Maine Coon Kitty Hunt: Round 2

Following our initially discouraging attempt to get our first Maine Coon kitten (discussed in my Maine Coon Kitty Hunt: Round 1 post), we kept pushing and made connections with various Maine Coon Breeders that were all very easy to talk to and seemed quite knowledgeable.

After another several weeks, it all came together wonderfully we and we now have a little ~11week old Maine Coon kitten.

List of Maine Coon Breeders We Had Positive Contact With

Note this is not an exhaustive list or a paid ad or anything. This is just my personal list of breeders that responded to my initial out-reach and then continued to chat with us. I sent out messages to quite a few breeders and roughly half of them never even responded.

We would adopt from anyone on this list below. So far, we’ve only adopted from Major Tom’s Maine Coons as the timing aligned especially well for us.

Breeder Notes
Major Tom’s Maine Coons
  • Super easy to talk with, very friendly and offered various practical tips
  • Routinely sent photos of kittens, updating us on progress
  • Performed a reference check on us
  • Provides a list of health reports on parents and kittens
  • Extremely competitively priced, though we weren’t actually focused much on price
  • We decided to adopt a kitten from Major Tom’s
  • Located in Nova Scotia
Enchanta Cats
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Very very friendly and easy to talk to.
  • Continued offer support and tips long after it was clear that we probably wouldn’t adopt from Enchanta only because we’re in another country.
  • Located in California
Turtle Valley Coon Cats
  • Website
  • Highly responsive over email. Very friendly and evidently highly knowledgable (as with the others too).
  • Located in the BC interior
  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Easily reached over the phone, very friendly and willing to discuss
  • Loads of lovely photos available through website and facebook
  • Located in Medicine Hat, Alberta

Our first Maine Coon adoption

We opted to adopt our first Maine Coon from Major Tom’s Maine Coons, described above.

The process started with some light emails, then led to a detailed phone conversation. I had my list of questions from the Maine Coon Fancy forms (here), but I didn’t need to ask them as this breeder touched on the major points on her own.

After a time, we sent our deposit. We received routine updates, including photos and some videos.

Eventually the big day came and we picked up our fluff-ball. The temperament of this cat amazes me. She’s so chill and friendly. We had to drive her in the car for several hours and she didn’t mind at all. She was almost immediately affectionate and we’re looking forward to a lovely life together! Thank you Major Tom’s Maine Coons!

Here’s some pictures of our lovely little Maine Coon kitten…


There’s more, in my Round 3 post, here.

2 thoughts on “Maine Coon Kitty Hunt: Round 2”

  1. totally beautiful baby, I love redheads! So happy you found a breeder you could trust and work with. Enjoy James!

    1. Thanks Kelbenkathy! Yeah, I really like this breeder a ton. And our little gem is overwhelmingly sweet. She’s definitely beautiful, but it’s actually her temperament that shines brightest.

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