Maine Coon Kitty Hunt: Round 3

Here’s the sequel to my last Maine Coon Kitty post, round 2 (here)

After the wild success following our adoption of our (first) awesome Maine Coon, from Major Tom Maine Coons located in Nova Scotia Canada, we decided to adopt another kitten from this awesome breeder.

I’m now finding I’m getting asked from folks looking for a good breeder for comments on my experience with Major Tom Maine Coons. So I decided to create this post to help aid in my replies.

First, I’ll review the first kitty. Then introduce the second and finally discuss why I like this breeder.

Maine Coon Kitten #1: Whiskey

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The first kitten we adopted contains to thrive and grow. She’s got a bubbly-happy personality and she jackie-chan sprint-climbs, like a mountain goat, high on caffeine.

Maine Coon Kitten #2: Ash

When the first kitten was about 7 month old, we brought home our second Maine Coon kitten, who we’ve named Ash. This fella is from the same breeder (Major Tom Maine Coons), but he’s from totally different parents. He too is a breath-taking work of art. He’s particularly affectionate and sweet.

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UPDATE: Whiskey & Ash

We took our time introducing Whiskey and Ash. Ash spent the first few weeks almost 100% separated from the Whiskey. She didn’t really want another cat around at first. But after a while, we figured she’d had enough time to get used to his scent being around and we let them meet. After a couple of days, they became extremely good friends. They play frequently and as we chill out at home, we occasionally hear them galloping around as they chase each other. Our dog Gryphon joins in from time to time too.

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Maine Coon Breeder: Major Tom Maine Coons

As I discuss in my earlier posts, I have shopped around somewhat for Maine Coon breeders. I found some that weren’t so awesome and others that are simply overwhelmed. Major Tom Maine Coons is a breeder that became an excellent choice for me because:

  • They’re very open to communication
  • Seemingly offers excellent kitty care advice
  • Has insanely good-looking and nicely tempered Maine Coons
  • Sends weekly photo updates of kittens once born
  • The animals arrive in excellent health, both physically and mentally (in my experience)
  • (bonus) Both my kittens immediately knew how to use a litter box

We live on the other side of the country (Calgary versus near(ish) Halifax). Major Tom Maine Coons provided a shipping option where our kitten was sent to us via direct flight air freight. He arrived in good order and we saved a fortune compared to having to fly out to get him ourselves (though that is a good option to consider).

I’ve taken my Maine Coons to a really excellent vet in Calgary and he’s been quite impressed by them both. I didn’t tell him they were Maine Coons and when he separately met them both, both times, he launched in to a story about how he sees lots of cats people call Maine Coons, that aren’t. He commented on how their features are very well defined and are excellent examples of the breed. Personally, I’m not sure I’m fully qualified to assess. But it’s clear that they are very lovely and do seem to have all of the common traits.

If you’d like to check out Major Tom Maine Coons, there’s not currently a dedicated website, but there are good social media options:

Note: I really really really like this breeder. This post is mainly to help more prospective kitty-homes find this breeder. This is not a paid promotion or anything like that. All being equal, I’d probably not have made this series of posts had I not had such an ugly early experience when I first started looking for breeders.

Story of when the vet met Ash, the Maine Coon Kitten

When our vet met Ash, he asked how old he was.

I said “Meh, he’s a kitten, I forget how old exactly, maybe 16 weeks or something”.

The vet looked in to Ash’s mouth. Then he lit-up, “Whoa, this little guy’s still got all his kitten teeth!”.

I stared for a moment, “So?”.

“Well, it’s just they start losing their kitten teeth fairly young. This fella’s massive, to still have all his kitten teeth. Look at these giant paws. Gee. I’m very much looking forward to seeing just how big he gets. He is going to be big!”

I looked on with a smile.. And a measure of cautious excitement.

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  1. Whiskey is really an amazing Maine coon. Such a great profile. I am happy you are their owners. Happy cats.

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