UberMouse: Hacking awesomeness in to your USB mouse

I decided one day that my USB mouse needed more spunk. I had been finding that I was using a USB wireless card a lot, but it took up a lot of room and was big enough that the adjacent port was covered (unless I used a USB hub). So it occured to me that I could probably cram the HUB and the wireless card inside the mouse and still have enough room for the original mouse guts. Turns out, I was right about this.

I’ve assembled a bit of a photo diary of this project here, click for more..

This hack was featured on HackADay!
This hack is also discussed on a few pages on the Fatman & Circuit Girl forum: here as well as here.

This video captures it all quite well

Parts List
If you’re interested in doing this yourself, here’s some parts you may want to consider:
– Mouse $12
– Hub $8
– Wireless Card (this isn’t the one I used) $15
– Memory Stick 4GB $10
– Alternate Memory Stick 8GB $23

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