Some random code of mine..
Some random code of mine...

In step with my inner Computer Scientist, I often bury my brain in intensely fun software development projects. Some times it’s for work, often times it’s because I like to stretch my neurons.

Some Projects Of Mine

Not all of my code can be made public, but you know, some can. Some of my public projects include:

For a more detailed summary of this stuff, surf over to my Projects page.

Favorite Toys

When coding stuff up there’s a number of toys I tend to find interesting to use:

  • Vi: Text Editor of Kings (Use Emacs if you’re a n00b)
  • Python: Programming Language of Kings & Perfectionists
  • Django: Crack for Pythonthumpers
  • Songbird & Last.FM: To keep the non-programmer parts of my brain pacified.
  • Lavalamp: Meh, Atmosphere is worth a lot
  • XCode & Cocoa: Some times I like toying with Apple’s Tools
  • Visual Studio: Blah, I’m impressed by it, but I don’t use it that often
  • Bath Tub: Some times I enjoy mixing some of all of these with a bath tub, keeps my feet super warm 😉

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