STP’s Windows rebirth has landed as Trash Talker on the Microsoft Store. This version has improved speech functionality, persistence of custom speech text and the ability to completely change the phrases on every button!


STP has been reborn on macOS as Trash Talker. I’m working towards a similar rebirth for Windows as well. I plan on maintaining this old page for folks who want a free version and don’t care about the new improvements & features.


After many years of ideal neglect, I’m now considering repackaging STP for distribution through the Apple macOS App Store and the Microsoft Windows Store.

STP 1.0
STP 1.0


Shit Talker Phoenix is the resurrection of a classic application. Back in the ’90s, I used a hilarious little Visual Basic program called Shit Talker.

So the classic app is still out there, but of course, software of THAT vintage doesn’t really play so well on modern systems. Sure you could fire up a virtual machine with Windows 98 on it, but, that’d be lame.

Anyway, after not noticing any rebirths of “Shit Talker by Jaundice” I decided that it was time for me to take some initiative on that front.

Ohh, sorry for the foul language, I’d change it, but that’d kind of kill the┬ánostalgic┬ápart of this.

Mac OS X Windows

Screenshot of STP 1.0
Screenshot of STP 1.0

Some STP for OSX History Blathering

I wrote this application over the course of two summers. It actually wasn’t much by way of development time, but pretty well the only times I worked on it was while I was locked up in a car on an endless road trip with no internet access. Thus, as it stands, I figure that I’ll likely keep working on it when similar circumstances hit me.

I wrote it just by loading up a sample voice synth code snippet Apple provided with their XCode Development tools. I looked at the key lines that setup the Synth engine and made it yap and then figured out how to make a busy UI that could pass back hidden custom text messages to the synth engine when pressed. So it’s a really simple application and the brains all exist in what’s already given to you in Mac OS – all this thing really is, is a freak-show handy interface.

STP For WindowsThere’s certainly a history behind the Windows version of STP.. In short, a ton of people asked for one.


You can download STP for OSX here. You can download STP for Windows here.

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