Caris Shows off her Stickers

Alistair Turns 3!

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The Caris Instrument

In the summer of 2007 I discovered that I could play my niece Caris as an instrument. I must admit I’ve got a lot of practice left before I can play her half as well as I can play a 12lb bass fish against the side of a car. But here you can witness one […]

A coin & my existence

A great many years ago my great grandfather and his best friend decided to travel to western canada to find work. They first traveled to Winnipeg where they were told they could find a good job with the drop of a hat. Once they got there, they heard that there were even better opportunities […]

2006 Santa Party!

The 2006 Santa party has been yet another resounding success! I have included various small video clips from it on YouTube. Go to the Photos section to see the pictures from the lastest SP!

Here’s a video from the party: YouTube Video