Thank you Steve

Thanks for all your profound, inspiring and helpful inventions Steve. You’ve made an admirable mark on the world.

iPhone Endowed Life Begins

I’ve finally pitched my brilliantly ancient Blackberry (deserves an award for surviving this long). I decided the only way for me to go was to get an iPhone. It’s now been nearly a week and I must say this platform is a must have for any computery geeky types out there. It makes me […]

Rogers Redeemed

The Myth I head somewhere in the past that if you get Rogers to redirect you to their retentions group, they’ll offer you better options than you’d get elsewhere. It just bothers me that it seems to be true that if you want those better options you first have to actually make some kind of […]

OpenMoko Emulator

Hey gang, for those interested, I found on the openmoko website this awesome little file you can download, extract and quickly use to get the OpenMoko firmware to boot up in QEMU. So those who are interested in checking this phone out can get a slight sample of it this way. What I like about […]