Yes, I’m still alive!

Yes, I am indeed still alive. I had my site hosted on Amazon Web Services EC2 for a while. Some sort of database problem kept grinding that server to a halt. I’ve since migrated my site elsewhere (not because of that) and sort of patched the issues in the process.

I’ve been seriously considering blowing away this website and making something completely new.. And probably not WordPress-based.. (WordPress is awesome, I just am ready for something else). In the mean time, I’ve received the odd request to resurrect my site from STP users. So, for now anyway, is back!

In case you’re wondering WTF I’ve done lately, there’s been many projects as late, but many are proprietary paid things that I shouldn’t really blog about. :\

I will say that quite a few months back Research in Motion had a great contest. Anyone who wrote an application for the PlayBook tablet, would be given one. So I delivered a corny app (SiteSearcher) and they sent me a Playbook. I enjoyed it for months, until it was stolen. I’ve since replaced it with an iPad Mini which I must say is pretty insanely awesome. Still, when I see a Playbook, I often imagine buying one again. But I really loved it so much because I got it for “free” (more like for ~3 hours of learning). Photo is attached as evidence that this really happened. I called the photo “Victory at Sea!”, since in the same week I was sent my “free” Playbook, my best little buddy Gryphon moved in!

Meet my new minion: GRYPHON!

I’ve long since been missing canine companionship since my legendary pal Blaze’s days became numbered. The last few years have not been particularly accommodating of a battlehound… Finally, however, the time has arrived.

Enter Gryphon, the awesome puppy! I got her through a rescue organization (AARCS). She’s a damned smart pup and has inspired us to meet tons of people in the community now. Annnyway.. Read on to see the full photo album of her first month with us, during which she aged from 4 to 5 months old.

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World, meet STP 1.0 for Windows

STP For Windows

Well, after a craptacular number of requests via email and youtube, I’ve finally finished tossing together a Windows version to help out all my anonymous totally random friends.

I should point out, THIS WORKS on Windows 7 (and quite probably Windows Vista). But I should confess the lame situation with the Text-to-Speech engine in Windows is the lack of voice profile options. Apparently there’s a way to install voice packs. I’ve written STP for Windows to take advantage of such options on systems they exist on. But… If anyone actually finds a voice profile pack that ‘clicks’, be sure to let me know and I’ll see about hooking that in to the installer.

blah blah blah, making post text round out…

Also… Blah.

Now, with out further verbosity, go grab STP for Windows now!

The Air is on fire! Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW!

Gigabit Internet Download
Exhibit A: "Gigabit Internet" service over Wireless N
Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW
Exhibit 2: Damn, seriously.

Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet doesn’t bother Transmitting Data, it TELEPORTS it!

Here I sit in my bed @ my parent’s place on Christmas Eve. I decided to test out their new internet connection & router by enjoying another kind of “Eve”, Eve Online.

The Air is on fire, but in the good way

About the same time as this new internet service was hooked up I randomly decided to upgrade my parents to use Wireless N (with a repeater rig, a la Airport Extreme & Airport Express).

So… Back to me sitting here in bed. I thought I’d take this whole setup for a jog by downloading Eve Online. 3.0GB is a notably massive payload to download. On our old connection, I’d expect this to easily take all night to complete. Or about a month, if we were still on dial-up.

Well, 3.0GB is apparently a joke for this connection, look at Exhibit A.

Zomg, WTF! wincopt3r!

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