Yes, I’m still alive!

Yes, I am indeed still alive. I had my site hosted on Amazon Web Services EC2 for a while. Some sort of database problem kept grinding that server to a halt. I’ve since migrated my site elsewhere (not because of that) and sort of patched the issues in the process.

I’ve been seriously considering […]

Meet my new minion: GRYPHON!

I’ve long since been missing canine companionship since my legendary pal Blaze’s days became numbered. The last few years have not been particularly accommodating of a battlehound… Finally, however, the time has arrived.

Enter Gryphon, the awesome puppy! I got her through a rescue organization (AARCS). She’s a damned smart pup and has inspired us […]

Thank you Steve

Thanks for all your profound, inspiring and helpful inventions Steve. You’ve made an admirable mark on the world.

World, meet STP 1.0 for Windows

Well, after a craptacular number of requests via email and youtube, I’ve finally finished tossing together a Windows version to help out all my anonymous totally random friends.

I should point out, THIS WORKS on Windows 7 (and quite probably Windows Vista). But I should confess the lame situation with the Text-to-Speech engine in […]

The Air is on fire! Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet FTW!

Exhibit A: "Gigabit Internet" service over Wireless N

Exhibit 2: Damn, seriously.

Shaw Gigabit Fibre Internet doesn’t bother Transmitting Data, it TELEPORTS it!

Here I sit in my bed @ my parent’s place on Christmas Eve. I decided to test out their new internet connection & router by enjoying another kind of “Eve”, […]