ASUS EEE Tweaked out & for sale

Check it out on E-Bay if you’re interested: Click here

New Photo Action!

Howdy! So after some investigation, I’ve found a plugin for my website here that’ll let me display my facebook photo albums. Massive thanks to Aaron for his plugin for this! It seems to be working quite well right now and so I figure I’ll move my images over from my existing photo back-end (Flickr) to […]


Ubuntu Linux 7.04 has JUST been released! This Linux distribution has been uniting the penguins and is totally rocking the linux desktop world and I’m starting to see some massive progress on the server side too. Seriously, if you ever thought of trying out linux in the past but haven’t, this is the the time […]

Apparently I’m a musical artist or something..

At least, that’s what Amie St. calls you when you publish your own music on it.. Check out my Song “The Dawning” I’ve just put up on Amie St. You can download a copy of it there.. It’s nothing of particular significance – I used GarageBand to make it, fun little program!


2006 Santa Party!

The 2006 Santa party has been yet another resounding success! I have included various small video clips from it on YouTube. Go to the Photos section to see the pictures from the lastest SP!

Here’s a video from the party: YouTube Video