Watch The Guild

My copy of 'The Guild'

The Guild has been around for some time now and I’ve enjoyed watching it many times over. It’s about the woes of RL existence for a group of gamer geeks.

I first noticed the main drive behind The Guild, Felicia Day, from another similarly awesome project – Dr. Horrible’s […]

Firefox 3.5 is out, now go get it!

Howdy all, if you some how haven’t heard yet, Firefox 3.5 is out. It boasts a pile of cool new features and performance improvements over previous versions. Now, go get it!

Awesome CMOS illustration applets found!

So I’ve been dragging my feet, trying to really wrap my brains around how nMOS, pMOS and the ever awesome n&p party called CMOS really get along, when I came across THIS freaking awesome page that really provided the illustration for how these things work that I’ve been looking for! The page that hosts […]

Massive Photo Management!

Check out this amazing video of how thousands upon thousands of photos can be manipulated in a very fluid & intuitive way!