No More Chalkboard Spam

A Message to my fellow U of C Students….

'PL'-this BS-'O'

The other day I was sitting in class watching a prof write some notes on the chalkboard. As per usual, he navigated around a big section of the board that was boxed off with a note “PLO” (Please Leave […]

SCHS 2002 Graduation

Well, it may have been 7 years ago now, but I was cruising through my files and came across this old video.. I don’t really know who recorded the original footage, but I decided to clean it up a bit and put it out there, after all, there’s little point having this video if it’s […]

Awesome CMOS illustration applets found!

So I’ve been dragging my feet, trying to really wrap my brains around how nMOS, pMOS and the ever awesome n&p party called CMOS really get along, when I came across THIS freaking awesome page that really provided the illustration for how these things work that I’ve been looking for! The page that hosts […]

Winter 2008 Academic Schedule Now Available

Hey family, friends and stalkers alike.. I’ve just posted my Winter 2008 Academic Schedule.. So you know, set it to your wallpapers already.

Take care

Solar Car to Lethbridge

Today a group of us are driving down to Lethbridge to have our car in the Whoop Up days parade in Lethbridge tomorrow. Sounds like it’s gonna be a blast. I’ll be driving Soleon, which is always a thrill. With a touch of fortune, I’ll manage to post some pictures of the trip here when […]