Fix INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE with Boot Camp Windows Systems

Like any self-respecting computer geek, I like everything. I typically run-up Windows on my Macs by installing it via Boot Camp, and then booting it as a VM. This lets me run everything in parallel, but also go full native mode when needed.

Recently, I found I couldn’t boot my Windows natively any more, though it would still work fine in my VMware Fusion. When booting natively, my Windows install with BSOD on an INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE exception. After a bit of googling, I found that this was likely related to storage drivers. I ultimately managed to fix my Windows environment (without a reinstall), here are the steps:

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3D Printable Makita Wall Hanger

I adore my Makita Cordless Electric drills and have long since wanted to print hangers for them to go on my walls along with other valued tools. The preexisting models I could find all were kind of corny. The challenge here was the Makita drill has a super fluid shape, nothing is square to anything.

Here’s what I came up with:

The red model is what I made. I found a really impressive CAD model for a Makita drill here. This helped me not have to carefully measure my as-built drill.

I used Fusion360 and the end result was excellent:


Here’s an export of my Fusion360 project file:

A 3D printable STL has been attached to a posting I’ve made for this model here: Thingiverse

Printing real skull models made from CT scans

About a year ago I processed raw CT data I acquired of a relative of mine and generated multiple 3D models. Since it was my first ever experience with 3D modelling, it took a while, but I figured it out and ended up with an intensely awesome model. Then I turned to my 3D printer and printed off a bunch of them. Suffice to say the whole thing lead to my designing and building of my second printer; the Delta Flyer.

Here’s a timelapse video of the DeltaFlyer printing yet another skull:

Update 2017-04-10

Here’s a video illustrating the raw CT dicom images I processed to make my composite model that you see printed above.

Dear Diary: Installing OSX 10.9 on Late 2007 MacBook

Here’s my notes on how I approached installingĀ OSX 10.9 on my Late 2007 MacBook (MacBook3,1).

Note I did most of this on a current Mac running 10.9.

Also, this kind of worked. I got the install to run but it wouldn’t boot after install. I’m probably quite close to it working. I’ll update this post with notes if I work on this further.

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STP code now on GitHub

STP 1.0
STP 1.0

So, it’s been years overdue, but meh. I’ve finally open sourced the code for my cruddy little program, Shit Talker Phoenix. The OSX and Windows versions were developed entirely separately, so they’re posted as entirely separate projects. I put the code up on GitHub. Please feel free to fork, modify and send me pull requests (so I can merge your changes).

STP OSX on GitHub

STP Windows on GitHub