Running Synergy on OSX

Since adopting OSX as my typical workstation environment, I’ve often been annoyed by a lack of understanding about how to cleanly call it from the commandline, but not via a terminal. On Linux I’d typically just make a little bash script and fork it out from /etc/rc.local. That’s not really an option on OSX.


Using a PC Video Card in a Mac Pro

Like various other Mac Pro users who’ve been spoiled by the PC universe, I’ve grown disinterested in paying Apple top dollar for a video card upgrade that produces a piece of hardware I can buy for a lot less from the local hardware store (with only a firmware distinction).

As such, I’ve endeavored to modify […]

Ubuntu 9.10 has landed!

Here’s a youtube video I found that shows off some of the more visual aspects of 9.10 In case you haven’t heard, the latest release of Ubuntu 9.10 is out. This outstanding Open Source Operating System continues to refine and polish itself. I’ve been using the development/beta version for about a month now and […]

Whoa Posterous FTW!

So in doing my typical rounds I’ve come across the greatest thing since WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious, Flickr combined – and by “since” then, I mean, if there’s even been such an awesome combo of tools before…

I’ve setup a new sub-domain for – this is – this URL points to a […]

Quest to Submit an Internet Explorer Bug Report

Put Simply

Here’s the anti-epic tale of my distinct efforts to improve Microsoft Pusher Internet Explorer.

Why would I want to improve IE? Well, I don’t really, but a sad number of users on the net don’t yet know any better. It seems clear to me that Microsoft’s selection of what web standards […]