Super Mouse Hack

I did this cool mouse mod where I put a wireless card inside of my mouse – I love it because the mouse looks exactly the same as before, except now it has wireless functionality!!! This hack got featured over on!

Roll on over to the project page for this hack!


Behold: The Flash Rat

Here’s a USB Flash drive I created – really just hacked the guts out of a flash drive, soldered on an LED & wires and jammed it in the guts of this ugly stuffed rat I had.


Plexi-Glass based displayed video game brainstorm

Howdy world, so I wanted to share this idea I have about a fun little project that I’m considering involving using little sheets of etched plexi-glass, LEDs, some random switches and some kind of controller (like ATMega168/Arduino) to create a cheap crude super bizarre little game system. Not sure what the game could be, but […]

Synergy Breeze

Here’s a little video I whipped up on account that some people STILL haven’t heard of Synergy.. Check this video out if you too are a bit unclear about what the dealio with Synergy is.


World, meet the HypnoOrb

Using the toys I’ve been enjoying ever so much lately, I’ve managed to really nicely smooth out the programming in my Arduino for my RGB LED. It’s so awesome that I’m given it a name! Meet the HypnoOrb!

At this point I only have the raw prototype, but I’m considering going ahead an making more […]