Episode 5: Cupcake155 Augmentations

Cupcake155 has a few augmentations that I find to be very helpful, they are:

  • Z-Wobble Inhibitors (designed by me)

  • Cooling fan with mount adapter

  • Filament Debris Filter

Z-Wobble Inhibitors

Folks have long-since designed Z-dewobbers for the Cupcake & Thing-o-matic, but when I went to use them, I had a brutal time finding the CAD files. So I just made my own. Here they are on Thingiverse.

Cooling Fan & adapter

The fan I’m using is adapted from a Utilibot. I added a really superficial adapter that I use to fasten it to my Z stage. The STLs are available in the Cupcake155 repository on Github.
Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 12.18.03 AM

Filament Debris Filter

It’s a simple extra, but I’ve found it to be ESSENTIAL. Before having a filament filter, I occasionally ran in to some fairly time-consuming head jams. Since using it, I’ve not had one serious jam; every one I have had, I got out of very quickly.

So, print one, here’s what I used. I’ve also included a copy in the Cupcake155 github repo.