Calgary Traffic Web Cams

For a while I’ve had this Calgary Traffic page that brings together live web cam images from the city’s public traffic website. I didn’t really like that I couldn’t see all the cameras from the view they give, so I whipped up a page to do it for me..

Anyway, I just updated the page as I found they’ve since added another 30 cameras since the last time I looked. I also added a little more brains to my script for this.

For those who are interested check them out here.

Happy 100th Birthday Grandma Smith!

Georgina Smith turns 100!
Photos from Grandma Smith's 100th Birthday Shindig!

For those in the know, my mother’s mother has just officially turned 100!

This woman is one of the most impressive and interesting people I know.

A master-knitter amongst far too many more things to enumerate, she’s traveled quite the path thus far. Everyone on the family has at least several things she’s knitted and all those who visit her know she continues to keep a sharp mind!

Suffice to say a little blog post can’t possibly do this woman justice!

My aunt Connie, Grandma’s most recent child (heh), sent out a cool list of things that happened in 1911, the year Grandma Smith was born, I thought I’d post them here!

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¡Mi cumpleaños número 27, en México hermoso!

Check out some more photos here.

Ding, I just hit “level 27”..
Well, here we’ve yet another year past.

You know, when I was about 20, I decided that 25 would be an amazing year for me. I thought I’d be done school and would have torn in to some great work by then. As it turned out, 25 was a good year, but nothing like 26 has been.

It would seem 26 was the year (and then some), that I thought 25 would be. What an absolutely awesome year it has been. I finished my degrees, continued a rewarding & deep relationship (with a pet raptor), bought a(n ancient) house and made ridiculous head-way on my career plans. And to top it all off, I got to end the year of 26 in (muy hermoso) Cancun, Mexico.

Suffice to say, the world has been so kind to me. Universe, from the bottom of my (robotic?) heart, I thank you.

Cheers to our sage cat, Mr. Jasper

Jasper, our epically sage cat left us March 24th, 2010.

He sported a remarkable disposition unlike that of any other cat I’ve known. He expressed a vast range of positive emotions (with the occasional impressive act of disapproval). Jasper’s one of a kind character sets the bar for kitties everywhere and earned him an assortment of loving nick-names such as “Puppy Cat”. His grace is unrivaled and we will unquestionably miss him.

I am however delighted to have known him and thankful for the bizarre fortunes he enjoyed. This king of cats will remain comfortable and relaxed in the most treasured corners of our hearts.

Rest Peacefully Jasper.

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This Engineer has been called

I've been Iron Ringed! Last Saturday was the Ritual of the Calling of an Engineer, particularly in this case, my calling.

The day consisted of a workshops, some social gatherings, a formal ring ceremony and banquet.. It was an epically full day I’m sure to remember so long as my brain is in tact.

Suffice to say, I learned a lot more about the illusive Iron Ring. I discovered a lot more about what it stands for and I now have a lot more appreciation for this symbol and commitment. By the nature of the commitment, we’re not encouraged to rant about the details as it’s a commitment to ourselves and thus not intended to be a public thing. It’s a great concept & I think it could and should be expanded in some regard to apply to any and all professions, at least in some regard.

Anyway, it was an epic time. Won’t be forgotten any time soon. Photos from the day are here.