Using a Clone PC Video card in a Mac Pro

Howdy World, I seek your input. I want to run a clone PC video card in my 2008 Mac Pro machine. In particular, I was thinking I’d get something as close to the $280.00 Apple provided NVIDIA 8800 GT card as possible. My current first choice is the $180 eVGA e-GeForce 8800 GT.

I expect the potential major problem to be that a clone video card may be unaware of the boot process of a mac machine. I’m speaking with particular respect to EFI. That said, I’m also aware that clone PCs are intended to be able to use EFI instead of BIOS – so I’d expect decent newer video cards to support this.

So, my question is has anyone tried this? I suspect if I have a driver problem I can use the nvinject project for OSX86 to help me figure out getting my card supported. I’m okay editing the odd kext or something if I have to. But of course, I don’t want to really have to work my butt off just to have semi-functional support on the card. So if anyone has tried this and can comment, please do!