Erlenmeyer Flask of Drinking

I’ve long since loathed the wide range of drinking vessels that I know react with my water. I’m already seriously irritated about the mandatory fluoridation of my drinking water. So I hardly like that drinking from a metal container tends to make my water taste metallic. Then there’s my instinctual concerns about anything plastic.

This led me to glass. However, I remained unconvinced that typical glass products are plain nonreactive glass.. Thus, I decided upon chemistry glasswares. From there, I decided to run with an Erlenmeyer Flask as it’ll sit well on my desk and can defend against the attacks of cat tongues.

This was an expensive way to go but some people, like me, are willing to pay for some decent piece of mind – and I’ll be drinking from this thing for.. well.. as long as I can.. So may as well pay once for something decent that you use every day!